Boot Camp

We look at the approach to this training as a Boot Camp.

This is essentially the 1st year of training (see 1st year curriculum)

We are not turning our man and women today that will go to the ends of the world and stay there the rest of their lives.  Living in a hut, with no indoor plumbing, dirty, no refrigeration, electricity etc. is not what most are looking to do.  They don’t want to give up the comforts that we find here in the US.  At the same time, we are not turning out men and women that will take a position somewhere and stick it out through adversities, the mountain tops are great but there are valleys in between.  Pastor’s come and go, and so do staff members.  A little adversity shows up and they are ready to move on to somewhere else.  We are not training men and women that can stand in the pulpit or the position they are directed to and stand the storms that will come against them.  There’s a lack of faith in God and a warrior mentality to stand firm on God’s word.  They waiver, lack prayer, Bible study and preparation, they worry about how they look or are received.  They fear that people will leave or quit giving if they preach too hard or on certain subjects.  They conduct a watered down ministry were just about anything goes.  Worldliness, modernism, heresy’s crepe in and nothing is said.  The attitude is ‘ Have to keep them happy and positive and we have to get along with everyone”. 

This is not what we are doing and this is not the results that we are after.  Our intent is not to only teach the Bible but also to develop the individual for spiritual warfare.  To build their character, to build their confidence in the Word of God and to build their faith. 

Everyone is grounded in the fundamentals of the Word

  1. To enhance their character
  2. Boost confidence in the word of God
  3. Boost their faith in God’s word
  4. To become spiritually fit for the battle that is at hand
  5. To develop personal discipline in all areas of life
  6. To work out character flaws
  7. Build a team work concept
  8. To develop and understanding of God’s will for their lives
  9. To be able to set goals, develop strategies and execute their plans