Certificate Of Biblical Studies

S101-C Introduction to Doctrine1
S102-C Commandment Doctrine of Christ1
S103-C Doctrine of the Scriptures1
S104-C Christian Principles of Service1
S105-C Introduction to Teaching1
S106-C Word Study of Scriptures1
S107-C NT Baptist Doctrine1
S108-C Knowing the Will of God1
S109-C Prayer Principles1
S110-C Structure & Order of the Family1
S111-C Intro. to Scripture Publishing and Foreign Distribution – World Missions & World View1
S112-C TEC- Jerusalem to the Uttermost1
D101-BScripture Time Management1
D102-BBiblical Financial Principles1
D103-BIntroduction to Music1
D104-BWhen Adversity Strikes1
D106-BRightly Dividing the Word of God1
B101-BSurvey of the Old Testament2
B102-BSurvey of the New Testament1
B103-BThe Book of John1
B104-BThe Book of Romans1
B107-BIntroduction to Ecclesiology1