Diploma In Christian Service

This Training is designed for the Christian worker, church administrators, church staff members, music ministers, associates and assistant pastors, Christian workers on the mission field, tentmakers, etc.

The student would need to complete the Certificate of Theological Studies and acquire an additional 30 to 60 credit hours of training in a skill .

Skill Training


This training will be completed over a 1 to 3 year period of time that the student is taking the institutes courses.   An assessment will be completed for each student taking into account their abilities, talents and interests and then a specific course of action will be taken for the additional Skill training.

This training may be completed through additional on-line training, training at a technical school, apprenticeship programs, etc. This will be determined on an individual basis. The Student will have to prove competency in the skill to graduate from the Institute. The additional 30 to 60 credits to graduate will come from this training depending on the program that they are enrolled in. Online students in the U.S. will get help in this area if they request it.

Some Possible Practical Skills:

CarpentryTech School & Apprenticeship
PlumbingTech School & Apprenticeship
PoliceTech School
AccountingTech School, College
Tax AccountingOn-line & Apprenticeship
Auto Repair/ Auto body RepairTech School & Apprenticeship
Well DrillingTech School & Apprenticeship
ElectricalTech School & Apprenticeship
Insurance Agent, Investment AdvisorOnline Apprenticeship
Teaching English as a Second LanguageOnline
Programmer, Web Designer, etc.Online & Apprenticeship
SalesOnline & Apprenticeship
Audio VisualTech School
Health CareTech School
Missionary PilotWings as Eagles Mission Aviation Training Center, Oshkosh, WI
Teaching English as a Second LanguageSpecialized School for this
Nursing/Medical TechTech School, College
Excavating/Heavy EquipmentTech School & Apprenticeship
WeldingTech School & Apprenticeship

This is not by any means a complete list but gives you some ideas as to professions that could be looked at. Working on the foreign field for a US company will take special skill sets, but many people have those or could gain those skills.

This part of the program is very flexible, but will be part of the students training and will require progress reports and commitment by the student.