Training Programs & Seminars

Satan’s plan to destroy lives & families

One thing has single handedly kept the gospel from going out to the world, and that is debt.  The lack of understanding of debt, its destructive forces, its seductive ways, its addictive nature, and its hidden traps, destroy Christian families and lives.  This 1 to 3 hour program brings out the nature of debt and why it should be avoided.  It’s designed to change the attitude and habits that will eventually start to change the debt problems within a family and individual.  There is no quick fix, but the understanding of debt will bring freedom from it.

Eat that Frog

Based on Brain Tracy’s book, “Eat That Frog”, this 1 hour program will show how the wastage of time is ungodly.  That procrastination is of Satan.  Learn how to overcome procrastination, prioritize your tasks, develop lifelong habits, and control your time.  Learn the difference between ‘activity’ and ‘accomplishment’.  Learn how to start and finish important jobs.  Become more productive.

God’s Vision or Yours

With all of the infomercials, motivational seminars get rich quick schemes, and all the other distractions in this world, how can we tell the difference between what God has for us and what Satan is trying to sidetrack us to.  This 2 hour program is designed to help in discovering the steps that are necessary to find God’s vision for us.  This vision is that starting point, without the vision, we have no where to go except wander in the world.  God has a purpose for each one of us and designed us for a specific task, what is it? How do we find it?

The 7 Laws of Persuasion

Understanding how the Holy Spirit persuades the heart will help us in understanding the art of persuasion.  This 1 to 3 hour program is designed to help sales people; business owners, etc. make the sale.  The principles would also be applicable in any area of life.

The 7 Days of Creation

Studying the 7 days of creation can help us in our business.  When God created the world in 7 days, he set in motion a series of systems and strategies that guide the world today.  This is a full day seminar on these principals it can change your whole outlook on your business or starting a business.  It can bring order out of chaos.

3 Levels of Sales Acceleration

God gave Moses the blueprint, showing the 3 different planes or levels we can function in.  As you move from one level to the next you gain  tremendous advantage in your lives and develop a closer walk with God.  This 1 to 3 hour seminar will show the three levels, serving to live; this is where most people are. Serving to serve, this is where some move into and the last, Living to Serve, this is where we should be living.

Wealth Secrets of the Rainforest

God doesn’t do anything without a purpose.  Studying the Rainforest can give us a tremendous insight into building wealth and relationships.  It can teach us how to be more productive and focused in our lives.  This is a 2 to 6 hour seminar that can change lives.

Questioning Strategy of Moses

Learn how to uncover need, expose pain and expand your territory.  Everything we do will be met with resistance, has some risk, but if successful, reap great rewards.  This is a 1 to 3 hour seminar that can help in many areas of your life.

Secrets of the Raincatcher

We sign the song ‘Showers of Blessings’ but we run around with the umbrella open and above us.  God is trying to shower us with blessings and we are letting them run off unto the ground.  We must learn to leave the umbrella closed or turn it upside down and use it to catch all the blessings.  Using the dwelling place of God, the Tabernacle of Moses, that can transform you into a highly productive, peace filled, God chasing, revenue accelerating, rain catching business professional.  This is a 3 to 6 hour seminar that brings out the unique design of the Tabernacle and how the understanding of this can change our lives.

Do we have Significance in our Lives?

This 1 to 2 hour seminar designed for those 40+ in age.  You are now older, raised some kids, and achieved some level of success, have some independence, served in your local church in different positions, but something is missing.  What have you done that will be significant for eternity, for our families our future generations.  We start looking around, with men, some call it the mid life crisis, and we follow the world methods.  Some of us buy the sports car, the motorcycle, have hair implants, take up an adrenaline high hobby, but all we are looking for is significance to our lives. This seminar is not to tell you what to do, but to take you through 4 steps to help you develop your plan for the 2nd half of your life. It’s designed to head you down the path, from there; it’s up to you, your relationship with God, your possible mentors, etc. to find your significance for your life.

Handling Objections in Life & Business

Learn to handle objections when witnessing. Learn to stay out of a debate session and swapping Bible verses.  Fear is at the root of all objections and that perfect love drives out fear. Perfect love manifests itself by putting the other person’s needs first and laying down a portion of your life in service to them.  There are four simple steps for overcoming objections that, when followed in the spirit of love, are highly effective. The first step is to clarify the topic of concern with a question. For example, if they say “I hate when people like you keep bothering me.” Your response could be “I’m sorry. Apparently you’ve had a bad experience with people like me. Might I ask what it was?”  Showing a concern and an interest in them will get them to open up and talk to you.  When you are communicating progress can be made.  Restating the objection in a question does three important things. First, it gives you a chance to verify your understanding of their concern. Secondly, it shows the individual that you really heard what they said and that you respect them enough to take their concern seriously. Thirdly, it gives you a few extra moments to consider an appropriate response.  Remember, your goal is not to overcome the individual. It is to join with the individual to gain a mutual understanding of the problem and overcome the objection together. This is what we help you learn.  It is used very successful in the business world and is very effective, once learned, in the ministry. 

God is at Work

This seminar/course is based on an old principle of transforming people and nations through business.  Help them economically so we can reach them spiritually.  This is not a new paradigm, but a method that has been used down through the ages to reach people with the gospel.  We are slowly understanding and accepting that we can get small business owners, farmers and educators into most 3d world countries.  The missionary model of the last 50 years will need to change if we want to reach the world with the gospel. Many of these countries, we can not get a missionary in.  These business leaders can and have had a great impact on the communities where they establish themselves.  This course will show how a Kingdom Business/Great Commission Company can be set up.  This course lays the foundation to the development of individuals to become business leaders on the mission field. To show them how this business model can be used to spread the gospel in almost any country in the world.  The seminar version is a short version, 1-2 hours showing how businesses can be used to spreading the gospel, as it has been for generations.

Team Building

Building a team is important in all aspects of life. At Work, church, home, associations, etc.  It’s a binding process. It’s building on strengths and recognizing weakness. It’s what Moses experienced when his arms were held up.  What is the inner most secret of team building?  How do we become better leaders and team builders?  I use Dick & Rick Hoyt and how they build that relationship to run marathons.  This inspiring story and others help us understand the basis and the need to build teams no matter what we are doing.